The need for a refund due to a canceled flight, a missed connecting flight due to the carrier’s fault or damaged or lost luggage has always been a reason for disputes that are hard to win. 

Today is the time when we can say that now the situation is again particularly relevant. Many dissatisfied customers suffer from a minor crisis in the air travel industry.

So how can they act to get their money back? There are several ways:

• Request a refund directly from the airline

• Apply to the ticket seller

• Write a request for specialized services

• File a chargeback

Which way is better? All of them are equally good and bad at the same time. We can only say that it takes a lot of effort. It will take time. In any case, you need to submit the correct package of documents. Let’s consider each method in more detail.

Request a refund directly from the airline

The most straightforward and correct way often does not yield the desired results. First, the airlines are usually not interested in voluntarily returning the money. The second can give an answer that will be useless. Thirdly, they may offer an unfavorable alternative. Fourth, you need to conduct a dialogue with reason.

Advantage: the fastest way.

Flaws: you always need a plan B.


Apply to the ticket seller

The airline does not always sell tickets and may refuse. Therefore, it is worth asking the seller. The seller may refer to the airline, although in this case, the responsible is also seller. 


Write a request for specialized services

Quite a convenient way, but the cardholder will also pay for it and possibly have several additional actions. A huge plus is that the company corresponds on your behalf with a minimum of your involvement.

It is worth mentioning such a nuance as regions. Not in all regions can companies write on behalf of the client, and not everyone has the right to do so.

Before moving on to the last point, the consumer protection mechanism in the payment instrument is worth mentioning. If it is provided in the payment instrument, there is always the right to chargeback. If not, then you need to protect your rights yourself.


File a chargeback

In this case, active participation is always required. You will need to ask the seller for a refund. Please communicate with your bank in the course of consideration and comply with its requirements. In such a method, the bank has a mechanism for claiming the merchant, which lasts from 50 days. Often, a bank cannot always convey to its client what is needed for a refund, but specialized services are well able to do this.


So what does a customer need to do to get their money back?

1 Write to the merchant and demand a refund. Check all emails and personal accounts for notifications.

2 No answer is also an answer. Gather all the answers and decide whether it suits you or not.

3 Submit an application to your bank with all answers and your clarifications.