Issuers and Acquirers

Increase customer loyalty to external and internal customers by implementing a chargeback management ecosystem that increases the productivity of the operations department by 30%

Client’s web application

Registration of the application and collection of the necessary documents

Claim routing system

Ability to appoint executors and submit a dispute depending on the claim type

Internal web application

Conducting the investigation procedure and providing a response to the client


Platform integration into internal web and mobile applications of the bank


User actions and system messages storage to ensure process continuity

Data encryption system

Ensuring storage and data transmission security using TLS 1.2 protocol


for Chargeback Officers

The whole history of the case in one place

✓ Saving time on information collection, reducing the flow

Dispute registry availability

✓ Saving time for entering dispute data into the application

Decision-making information access

✓ No need to collect information from different sources

Access to information on the received decision

✓ Providing a quick response to the client on his request

Built-in communication system

✓ Ensuring the prompt collection of additional information

In-App access to IPS Rules

✓ Be aware of the constant changes in the rules of IPS


Claim Management

Constant changes in the rules of international payment systems make it necessary to control and organize the process of continuous personnel training, but resources are constantly lacking?

The lack of a properly structured communication procedure regarding disputes constantly lowers customer loyalty, especially in the absence of an appropriate level of the digitalization process

A ready-made solution that will make management more effective:

  • Reduce chargeback investigation time
  • Customer service standards compliance
  • The ability to deploy the service on banks internal infrastructure
  • Information security according to PCI DSS standards
  • Chargeback investigation staff training  in the application itself and experts support
  • 24/7/365 online access for a client and a bank employee
  • User access level control
  • Internal IT development’s budget saving


Proactively Eliminate Chargebacks 

Reduce investigation time by implementing an ecosystem that provides process transparency and control

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