Chargeback Management

Completely offload dispute representment to a part-time chargeback specialists.

When you subscribe to Chargeback Management, we’ll lift the burden of managing disputes off your shoulders—even for non-fraud-related claims like “defective merchandise,” “item not as described, ”and “item not delivered.”

Chargeback Specialists Will:

Investigate the Case and Assemble Evidence

Create a Compelling Rebuttal 

Argue Your Case Before the Issuer and Payment Provider

Provide You With Feedback About How to Avoid Chargebacks in the Future


How It Works

We consider all your business flow to reveal new possibilities for your business:

  • keeping disputes firmly according to payments system requirements so that you will receive a high win rate
  • reviewing your policies and customer experiences to help you prevent possible customers disputes
  • reviewing your flows to define a fraud pattern and help you integrate internal anti-fraud policies.


Free up Your Staff for Higher-Value Tasks

No more tedious information gathering and document formatting. We’ll do all the heavy lifting to dispute chargebacks on your behalf.

Win More Disputes With Proven Techniques

Our experienced team knows how to assemble evidence in a way that is most likely to lead to a positive outcome.

Get Expert Recommendations Based on Industry Best Practices

We’ll assess your practices and proactively alert you of any process changes you can make to prevent claims in the first place.

Say Goodbye to Surprise Charges

We offer simple, transparent pricing based on a flat fee per dispute response.

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and increase your win rate up to 80% 

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