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Prevent your chargeback losses by implementing the unique chargeback management flow. We are here to help you recover any dispute and bring more loyalty to your clients

Financial Instititions

Let your customer apply and get a refund online 24/7

Payment Providers

Collaborate with your merchant to avoid losses


All dispute documents and clients history in one place



  • Omni channels claims registration
  • Automation of claims classification and routing
  • Streamline communication between all participants
  • Detailed performance reporting on all dispute stages
  • In-app education

Bring Alerts to a New Level

Solve chargeback by collaborating with dispute participants in a new innovative way reducing reconciliation time and losses


What We Offer

Increase the overall performance rate of the claim management and raise awareness and loyalty of your clients

Financial Institutions

Online platform integration into
banking web pages and mobile applications

Payment Providers

Preliminary mediation of the claim with merchants and response tracking


Control deadlines of the disputed transactions and reduce losses from invalid chargeback response


Our Approach to Security

The platform complies with the requirements of the PCI DSS standard, in particular:

  • protection of client data and payment card data
  • secure environment for data storage and transmission
  • sensitive information encryption policy
  • user management policy
  • access policy and password policy

ISO Standards

The data structure of the platform is based on ISO 8583 international standard for financial transaction card originated interchange messaging

Easy API 

The platform easily interacts with banking and processing interfaces and connects with the payment systems APIs

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